Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Quick Post.

Hello all!

First off all, I'm sorry I still haven't written back to those who wrote to me a while ago. I will get around to doing so, I promise!

Second, I'm not at all well. The daylight is scaring me and the night times are lonely. When the day isn't scary I get scared that I wasn't scared, and when the nights aren't lonely I wish they were. Nothing is making me happy at the moment, least of all myself.

I have a couple of promising work meetings coming up, which is lovely as I really enjoy them even when nothing comes to fruition financially. I have been selling and saving and have amassed almost enough to take off on my voyage. When I do, I will start a new blog and post the link here. I would simply post here about it all, but I want to be able to keep in touch with friends and family through it and I'm not comfortable with people I know seeing and reading what I've written to you guys. The other blog will be more cheerful, although not dishonest if possible.

As I said, I will speak to you all soon and put special care into the messages to the select few who have a been so generous with their time to me over the past month or so.

Next time I speak to you, it will be the night before I leave (around two weeks from now) and I will tell you how I'm feeling about my trip and what I plan to do on it.

Hope you're all well!

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  1. I'm sorry you're not feeling well, I hope you get better.

    Out of respect for your privacy - You don't have to post a link to the actual blog here, you could always just post short recaps here. If you do post a link to it here, I'll keep my comments here if I have anything to say.

    Good luck and be well.