Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Diary for a Visit

I have nowhere else to post this. God knows why a diary should be something that has to be posted somewhere, perhaps I just crave attention. Whatever the reason, here's today's post - my first official post.

The evening was setting in, but the June wind still carried the heat from the day as I looked up. The colours of the taped flowers were drained and blunted; the light wasn’t highlighting their brilliance and never would. With the bold force that was stolen from the flowers, the sound of broken glass crunching underfoot broke any silences.

I could see notes amongst the flowers, but I don’t remember what they said anymore. I read them in earnest but when my eyes looked away the words faded from memory.

The glass tried to glisten in the headlights of passing cars, but it was dulled by the solitary shadow of Big Tom. He stood away from us, looking from a different angle. His presence could never be ignored.

Tom stood tall, mature, Big. Arms folded, his eyes marbled and glazed while his mind raced and stopped simultaneously. He didn’t move. While my face was sticky from tears blown dry in the warm breeze, Tom’s was unchanged.

The group cried around me, some of the boys were comforting their girlfriends and some comforting each other. I stood alone, floating between groups before standing with Olivia.

I know Olivia least, but we hugged tightly for a moment between pulls on her cigarette. I’ve never known such sadness amongst adults; I’ve never seen my friends cry.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Winston's Dog

I suppose my first post should be something along the lines of an introduction and explanation, so here we are!

This blog will be my diary, but written in the style of a pretentious twat. I was asked to do a series of diary entries for work purposes a few weeks ago, but since then they've become useless to my employer. I found the writing process helpful and the sending/posting process liberating, so I plan to continue here.

The style isn't false, I just write like a dickhead, but I did put more effort in for the sake of my employer. She's a writer, if you're wondering.

First things, the title. Winston's Dog is a stupid title, that's obvious, but it carries with it a euphemism popularised by Winston Churchill - that of Depression likened to the burden of a large black dog.

Speaking of a doctor whom he held in high regard, Churchill said, ""I think this man might be useful to me - if my black dog returns. He seems quite away from me now - it is such a relief. All the colours come back into the picture."

I always thought it was a beautifully miserable notion, and it's relevance to this blog will become more clear as time passes.

More eloquent Churchill quotes in the next post, until then I look forward to exploring Blogger.com a little more and seeing who else is out there.

Thanks for reading,