Sunday, 25 September 2011

Part Nine

Hello everyone!

This is the final part of my long ol' clump of ramblings. Thanks a lot for reading and accepting my digressions and flaws, I liked writing it and I'm glad it's received the feedback it did!

I look forward to writing more for y'all soon. I have an idea for something more creative, and will be turning to the blogging community for guidance as to how I should approach it.

More on that next time. For now, here's the final part of 'Not a Suicide Note'.

Part Nine

Law is a disgusting concept, derived not by the masses, but by the powerful. The rich dictate the poor, and the poor accept it because it has no face.
Imagine this kind of behavior with the face of one man. Picture a scenario where the laws are written by one person and dictated to a group of 99 men. If one man breaks one of these laws, the dictator punishes him in the way he deems fit. The remaining 98 continue to abide by the laws for fear of punishment.
It would never be tolerated; it’s a dictatorship the likes of which we’re constantly told is abhorrent. Yet expanding the numbers from one to 1 million and 99 to 99 million shows that we do tolerate this.
There’s nearly seven billion in this world and I am just one of them, the policeman that tells me I’m not allowed to drink in a certain area is just another.
Why am I answerable only to 1% of the population, and why am I told that this is democracy at work?
By definition, this is a dictatorship.

Delegating power and spreading resources distorts the roots of it all. It buries the history, the past in which this deplorable list of Good and Bad was drawn up, blurring the source of corruption and masking the disgusting scent of control in a free land.
The justice system in this society is corrupt at worst and hypocritical and stupid at best.

Lying, cheating, blagging and forcing are the paths that any real career-driven man takes anyway; I’m just upfront about it. I’ll make something of myself, and I’ll do it my way. I’ll punch well above my weight and feel like it’s where I belong. I’ll fulfill my potential, but I now know I can do that and be happy at the same time.

I believe, with pride, that I can con my way to the top and I believe I’m justified in doing so. I believe I can con my way into big business with big clients, that I can spend my time enjoying life and doing what I want to do without fear. If what I want happens to differ with what the law dictates is acceptable, that’s fine with me.

If I get caught and arrested, so what? It’s not as if I was going to do anything anyway, I was living on my knees until I did what I wanted anyway.
Fuck that, I’ll die on my feet rather than change my ways… maybe then I won’t be so afraid when my time comes, because I’ll be one of the few people in the world that lived with his head up.


  1. Law is one of those sadly necessary evils that we can't do without. If the average person was smarter or just less of an asshole we might be able to form a society devoid of law, and an authority structure. Sadly, have not come nearly that far yet.

  2. Humanity is ridiculously overrated. I just want to live in a fucking cave and stay away from the whole thing.

  3. I like to believe in human decency... I just very highly doubt it. I sometimes just look at the world, look at myself even, and I actually cry. It all just makes me so sad, I am mourning the world I once hoped this was... I am mourning the person I hoped myself to be. I am a much lesser person than most people out there, I am literally nothing. But then again, looking at the world, I see a lot of less-than-nothings in power...

    Corruption, hypocrisy, incompetence, lust, greed, arrogance, hate, violence, all sorts of horrible things. Everywhere.

    I wish I was a better human being, I try my hardest to be decent, to help other people, and not to lie or cheat. Most of the time I succeed (sometimes I wish I could just go back and erase my actions to clear my conscience), but where's the reward in being decent? In this world there are clearly incentives to lie and cheat like hell, until you're at the top, then get rich and fuck the rest of the world.

    God damn, I am actually crying right now.

    This has got to be the worst blog comment ever.

    Nice post, though, interested in seeing what you're going to do next.

  4. Three brilliant comments, thanks guys.

    And Beholder, certainly NOT the worst comment ever! It's interesting reading other people's views on life, and I'm not interested in reading an emotionless list. I prefer your "put it all out there" approach. If I didn't this blog would be kind of a waste of space!